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 One of the main advantages of Bulgaria, compared to other destinations for spa tourism, is an inexhaustible wealth of its mineral springs.   Healing waters gushing with different characteristics throughout the whole country and since Roman times they were separated in antient baths.

 Bulgaria has officially diskovered more than 240 sources of mineral water: hydro-sodium, radon, fluoride, thermal and hypothermal and others.  Their effect is demonstrated in the treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases, functional disorders of the nervous system, endocrine-metabolic diseases, neuralgia and neuritis, diseases of the digestive system, rehabilitation of sledinsultni conditions.
 For this reason, many tourist attractions demonstrate available procedures for the implementation of various medical practices with natural products - healing waters, mud and peat, physiotherapy, hydro and thermal procedures, massages, physiotherapy, acupuncture, psychotherapy, dietoterapiya etc.


Spa hotels are placed in Albena, Varna, Golden Sands, Sozopol, Sandanski, Hissar.
 Bulgarian Black Sea is preferred destination for SPA tourism due to the beneficent combination of medical procedures with the effect of recreational sea air saturated with iodine.  Along with traditional restorative procedures they may undergo and colourterapiya on chromo (treatment by colors), thalassotherapy (a seaweed) and other fortifying the health and morale programs.   Bulgaria is famous for its extraordinary wealth of healing herbs, and wonderful opportunities for treatment with honey and other bee products.